Case: A Forward Shift x Branding

Our present day presents companies with major challenges. If a company wants to be perceived and communicate its service authentically today and in the future, it must start with the quality of its external presentation. With the A Forward Shift Workshop, Culture Shifts offers a toolbox for contemporary branding.

A Forward Shift for the branding of tomorrow.

Brands showcase products and services, express an attitude to the world and create meaning. In doing so, they must serve the language and aesthetics of the mindsets they target. In the best case, this package represents the uniqueness of a company. An important step in branding is the development of an understanding shared by all employees of what their own company and its offering are all about and what goals are to be pursued.

Our central lever is culture: it's at the heart of every organisation and the origin of beliefs and goals.

Our A Forward Shift Workshop offers effective methods and tools for tasks like these. Together with our clients, we develop a strong identity from the resources already available, recognise existing potential and help brands achieve media effectiveness. The central lever for this is culture: it is the heart of every organisation and the origin of convictions and goals. In A Forward Shift Workshop, we use the cultural framework consisting of the elements of corporate culture, media culture and contemporary culture. Based on our many years of expertise in brand consulting, we adapt established methods and set-ups such as Design Thinking, World Café and Fishbowl to this framework for sustainable branding.

Culture as the basis for sustainable change: our cases.

For the Italian label Marsèll, the Forward Shift consisted of repositioning its brand in the field of contemporary culture through targeted artistic collaborations. Culture Shifts started a collaboration with internationally renowned artists and galleries whose work not only matched the label’s content, but also expressed the label’s brand promise in the medium of art. Our sensitivity to the developments and trends of contemporary culture laid the foundation for a future-oriented branding that served the demands of the target group and set a high standard for collaborations in the fashion industry.

In the case of Grüne Erde, the Austrian retailer of sustainable products, the focus was on communicating the brand promise in a contemporary way in the print catalogues displayed in the company’s department stores in Austria and Germany. With A Forward Shift, we were able to set important accents in the company’s media culture here. This included the design of a new tonality for the copywriting and product names. In particular, our knowledge of the demands and media expectations of a lifestyle target group proved essential for the task of carrying the company’s brand into a new era.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our A Forward Shift format. You can find initial information in our overview.