Because Culture Shifts.

What can consulting achieve today? How should companies communicate? And what do corporate sense-making and culture mean in a world that is evolving faster than ever before? Culture Shifts provides answers.


The medium for the present.

Our world is changing. Cultural change is the basis of Culture Shifts’ consultancy. We observe its various phenomena and potentials, assimilate them and use them profitably for companies and institutions. Culture Shifts offers communication consulting as well as the conception and production of media content for the brand identities of tomorrow.

What we provide is the contemporary orientation and positioning of companies in terms of communication & strategy in a present that is constantly being reinvented. 

Strategy cannot be thought without people and their culture. Therefore, no strategic attitude can be established without culture.

For us, strategy is first and foremost something that is concretely thought, done and decided in a moment 1 – is a productive attitude in the here and now. The fact is: what we decide today – and how, why and for what end – has an influence on how companies, institutions or even individuals can generate value in the future. And it has an influence on our human interaction in the present. Here it becomes clear: strategy cannot be thought without people and their culture. Therefore, no strategic attitude can be established without culture. 

Culture Shifts does not claim the last word regarding cultural change and attitude: “Nothing conclusive has yet taken place in the world, the ultimate word of the world and about the world has not yet been spoken, the world is open and free, everything is still in the future and will always be in the future.“ 2 Instead, we are searching for mindsets that create additional benefit for our own togetherness and also for the togetherness of future generations.


Talking Culture Shifts Strategy.

For us, strategic action is synonymous with focusing on the essential. One example of this is our work for a prominent Munich art and cultural event. On the media platform for which Culture Shifts is responsible, the artworks themselves become the starting point of a communication through which the complexity of the ideas behind them is gradually deciphered. Other examples are our consultancy for an Italian fashion label and an Austrian company for natural products. 

Reduction to the essentials – also with regard to economic, social or ecological resources – is among the core competencies of Culture Shifts. We prefer to do less. But we think what we do through to the end.

We prefer to do less. But we think what we do through to the end.

Michael E. Porter’s insight “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.“ 3 can also be applied to our strategic and positioning work for a medium-sized company in the technology sector. For this company, we have streamlined the external presentation and limited it to relevant channels. In contrast to widespread practices in the industry, such as greenwashing, we put the company’s actions and self-image up for self-critical debate in formats we produced, such as the company’s own podcast, new website content and C-level workshops.

This has given the company a voice and has made it part of an open, cross-sectoral discourse on corporate sense-making. This discourse itself is strategic – establishing a clearly defined foundation for the company’s future impact on its environment. In this way, strategy and culture become one. As a result, the company we advise is currently successfully realising its ambition to become the market leader in its segment.


Presence in dialogue. Our concept of culture.

For us, culture is not only the basis for strategic decision-making in the here and now. Culture also demands something from us as human beings. As a consulting agency, we are committed to ensuring that qualities such as respect, trust, transparency and appreciation are experienced by all personalities involved in the consulting process. Therefore, we also base our consulting services on the competence to reflect on ourselves and others and to communicate what we perceive to our clients. 

Self-reflection and reflection on others are part of the core of every enriching encounter: dialogue begins. We consistently consult in a dialogical way, openly and at eye level, in order to address possible blind spots, misunderstandings or even conflicts that may arise during a consulting process.

We see our role as a consultant not as that of a service provider with expert status, but as that of a partner at eye level – without any claim to omniscience. 4

Culture Shifts understands dialogue as a strategic tool par excellence.

Culture Shifts sees dialogue as a strategic tool par excellence. It is also a means to develop one´s ability of self-assurance 5 in times that ask for new narratives but demand open ends.


The platform for entrepreneurial development.

Culture Shifts’ consulting aims to look further and deeper in order to make the previously invisible the subject of communication. This can only be achieved through joint efforts. It is important to continuously consider the preconditions of one’s own point of view, to overcome boundaries, and to become aware of one’s subjective, possibly privileged perspective. 6 We can never perceive, know and feel everything – but we should aspire to perceive, know and feel everything in order to develop individually and entrepreneurially.

Culture Shifts is the platform for entrepreneurial development and positioning in rapidly changing media realities.

Culture Shifts understands entrepreneurial purpose in this sense as a collective development process with an open outcome, to be generated out of the corporate culture itself. In principle, any company can embark on this process, provided it is willing to do so. That is why we do not select our partnerships by sector, but offer our expertise in cultural change and communication to all those companies that want to question their mindset and break new ground.

Culture Shifts is the platform for corporate development and positioning in rapidly changing media realities. We lay foundations, create connections, take responsibility for change and generate meaning in the process.

Because Culture Shifts.

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