Titel Category Date Place
Podcast: Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator & writer Podcast 2024 London
Podcast: Stella Clarke, engineer, BMW Group Podcast 2024 Munich
The New Creativity News 2024
Interview: Sarah Cosulich, director Pinacoteca Agnelli Interview 2023 Turin
Podcast: What we do. Podcast 2023 Milan
Interview: Rival Consoles Interview 2023 London
Podcast: Matteo Andreas Lorenzoni, Head of Sales, D-Orbit Podcast 2023 Space
Case: A Forward Shift x Branding Case 2023 Berlin
Podcast: Fabio Cherstich, theater & opera director and set designer Podcast 2023 Milan
What about: AI & Communication News 2023 Berlin
Podcast: Emma Greer, architect & urban designer Podcast 2023 Milan
Interview: OMA Interview 2023 Milan/Rotterdam
What about: trends & challenges News 2022 Milan/Berlin
Case: CS x DES AG Case 2022 Berlin
Interview: the art of consulting Interview 2022 Berlin
Culture Shifts x PIUS Textbüro News 2022 Berlin
Because Culture Shifts. Strategy 2022 Milan/Berlin
Human Brains. Interview with Udo Kittelmann Interview 2022 Venice
CASE: Culture Shifts x Marsell Case 2022 Milan
Case: Content Platform for Various Others Munich Case 2021 Munich
Podcast Vol. 7: JOIN IMPACT Podcast 2021 Berlin
Podcast Vol. 6: Laura Aalto, CEO Helsinki Marketing Podcast 2021 Helsinki
Case: Podcast for PIN. - friends of the Pinakothek der Moderne Case 2021 Munich
Podcast Vol. 5: Laila Binbrek, Director National Pavilion UAE, Biennale di Venezia Podcast 2021 Dubai
Culture Summit Abu Dhabi 2021 News 2021 Abu Dhabi/Online
Podcast Vol. 4: Douglas Rushkoff, author & media theorist Podcast 2020 New York City
Culture Shifts + Various Others Podcast 2020 Munich
Podcast Vol. 3: Chiara Costa, Fondazione Prada Podcast 2020 Milan
Podcast Vol. 2: Attilia Fattori Franchini, independent curator Podcast 2020 Vienna
Cultural Engagement. Now. Essay 2019 Berlin
"You have to provoke interest!" Interview with photographer Oliviero Toscani Business 2019 Munich
Podcast Vol. 1: Thomas Girst, BMW Group Culture Podcast 2019 Munich
Helsinki Biennal: green culture Culture & Travel 2019 Helsinki
Abu Dhabi: lots of desert and museums Culture & Travel 2019 Abu Dhabi
Modern patronage. Fashion for art Art 2019 Milan